October 20th, 2007


video game discussion

Got in a lovely evening of the City of Heroes last night. Decided out of the blue to play my Assault Rifle blaster, and fell in with a good pick-up group early on. I like AR because I always feel useful; many special effects and decent damage.* Doesn't hurt that I just hit level 20, also, the level when everyone becomes useful. Also, it's awesome to shoot arrest fleeing bad guys in the back from two rooms away.

The team leader was slanting towards missions with lots of magic salvage, so there was plenty of Pantheon and Tsoo. Of course, we only had the one tank and the one scrapper, and then the tank left, so it was sometimes... entertaining as all us back-line troops would occasionally scatter when some bruiser got to us, but overall everyone was professional, chatty, and fun. Good times.

* - Of course, I also always feel useful with my Fire/Fire blaster, but that's because I just set everything on fire.


(no subject)

Party Here, Sacrifice Over There: "The president says that America is engaged in a struggle between good and evil, but is he addressing all citizens when his policies touch so few of us?"

* The government fears that IEDs could become a problem in the US, but a solution remains elusive.
* "...In his two days of testimony this week, it became clear that Mr. Mukasey believes presidential power to be robust, expansive and sometimes beyond the power of Congress to control."
* FDA panel urges a ban on children's cold medicine.
* Joel Achenbach on finding substance on the campaign trail.
* Credit where it's due: Limbaugh turns critical letter into money for charity.
* Did Neanderthals talk?
* Musicians behind the scenes of comic books.

And, of course, the biggest weekend news: Rowling reveals that Dumbledore is gay.