October 10th, 2007


whuf, and other news

Couldn't sleep last night, so I ended up calling out sick today. Completely independently, Z. ended up getting sick on the drive in to school. To make sure she wasn't doing this for fun (I mean, she threw up, but I am more concerned about it being psychosomatic than her faking it) we had her sit on the couch all day today, where she could watch TV, color, or listen to music, rather than her usual fare of running around the house, chasing the cat, or what have you. She was pretty good, all things considered. All three of us took a nap this afternoon, in fact. Probably the best thing for us, although I've been nursing a headache ever since. (And no one got anything accomplished today.)

Got a little painting done last night, which always make me happy.

This week's been hella expensive, but I think I managed to juggle some things in a particularly cool fashion. We'll see if it works.

Planning for the next few weeks, into the birthday week, taking shape. Whee.

Pushing Daisies is officially the best new show of the season. I'm still watching Bionic Woman, but hoping it gets a little more... something.