September 26th, 2007


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Given a few spare hours out and about yesterday, M. and I caught Across the Universe. Really a Beatles cover album, given excellent surreal visuals and a cover story wrapped around it, it's a pretty damn enjoyable movie. The story isn't too deep, but you get attached to the characters and their experiences, all very relate-able given the storytelling through well-known songs. (I say this as no fan of musicals, too.) Also, the film brings in all these events and characters from the era into the film, sometimes in pretty innovative ways. None of the actors are big names, but there's some pretty cool cameos (including one person I didn't recognize at all.) Highly recommended, especially on the big screen.

New trailers:
* The Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson's latest, about three brothers undertaking a spiritual quest to reconnect with each other. Good cast, too. Sign me on. Added bonus: Jocasta, from Rome.
* Things We Lost in the Fire - Maybe, on Netflix, but only because I dig Benicio Del Toro. Added bonus: Calamity Jane, from Deadwood.


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"The Interior Department's program to collect billions of dollars annually from oil and gas companies that drill on federal lands is troubled by mismanagement, ethical lapses and fears of retaliation against whistle-blowers."

Good read: the credit card world, by the numbers.

Nice. The State Dept. told Blackwater not to reveal information to Congress without the administration's approval.

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Huh. NPR turns down an interview with President Bush. More from Mr. Froomkin.

Grr. "...The extra content is here to stay. The snipes - not to be confused with bugs, those network logos that pop up in screen corners during shows - are important enough to the beleaguered television industry that the networks plan to tolerate the backlash.