September 17th, 2007


what a novel idea

"Leaders of the major Iraqi Sunni groups actually speak quite often and quite candidly to their own people: in open letters, in official statements posted on internet forums, in the Arab and Iraqi press, and in statements released on al-Jazeera and other satellite television stations. What they say in such statements, in Arabic, when addressing their own constituencies, might be considered a more reliable guide to their strategy and thinking. So what are the major Iraqi Sunni leaders saying?"


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"You can't blame the public for changing the channel. People realize that the president's real 'plan for victory' is to let his successor clean up the mess. They don't want to see American troops dying for that cause, but what can be done? Americans voted the G.O.P. out of power in Congress; a clear majority consistently tell pollsters they want out of Iraq. And still every day is Groundhog Day. Our America, unlike Vietnam-era America, is more often resigned than angry."

* President Bush has selected retired federal judge Michael B. Mukasey as his nominee to become the new attorney general. Some analysis of the choice by Andrew Cohen. Also, an interesting read by the nominee himself.
* POW. "The Iraq War is largely about oil." -Alan Greenspan
* POW. Ambassador Crocker blasts the Iraqi refugee process.
* Wesley Clark on fighting the next war.
* "Problems in the Middle East are caused by politicians fighting one form of utopianism by trying to impose another."
* Republicans find new ways to irritate their base. Good work guys.
* Best-selling fantasy author Robert Jordan passed away.