September 6th, 2007

Rock Star

Catching up

Sunday was the birthday party for my nephew Ben. There was a whole passel of kids there, Ben's classmates and neighborhood kids and the like. Was good catching up with my family also. Also, a moonbounce was rented, and it was a big hit.

Monday was the Labor Day picnic, which was big fun, and likely to get its own writeup, possibly with a couple pics stolen from elsewhere.

Neck is better this morning than yesterday, so I am pretty sure I'm firmly on the mend. M. is fully mobile again, too, so hooray for all involved.

Missing people, hope to catch up with everyone soon. Like, even before my birthday. Which I better start thinking about, since people are already claiming Saturdays into November...

Tonight, Heroclix(!) with pseudotheist, at my place. M. is making tasty ch0w, also.
Tomorrow, taking a night with M. or hanging out with people or something similarly low-key.
Saturday, birthday dinner for Mom.
Sunday, bebe, and Iron Chef. Well, for me, just Iron Eating. But still.
Monday, book club; I'm well behind on the book, but trying to tear through it, as I have actually started, you know, enjoying it.


today's awesome reads

"All this strikes me as the cue to place a bet on America. Don't despair: double down." -Joel Achenbach

One reason our country is so awesome: Seersucker Thursday.

The Chavez-Santeria connection? "A ghoulish crime wave in the Venezuelan capital supplies a black magic cult whose popularity is fueled by faith and politics."

Christianity fights old gods in Nigeria.

Yakuza daughter sheds light on their crime underworld.

The reactivation of the Russian doomsday machine.


(no subject)

Four-part interview with Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics. Neat look at the business side of things (and an interesting contrast to Mr. Quesada.)

Also, stolen from pictsy: "Physicist Pablo Gleiser of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied the social web within the fictional universe of Marvel comics, comprising 6486 characters in 12,942 issues." (Bonus: the original in PDF form.)