August 25th, 2007


I've had U2's "Luminous Times" stuck in my head for two days now...

Happy belated birthday to jakethrash, and happy on-time birthday to 224215152!

Hit Horrorclix after work last night, where pseudotheist cleaned my clock. Seriously, it was embarrassing. I spent a fair portion of the game convincing him that his army was a fine example of problems with the game. Heh. It also didn't help that I couldn't roll dice to save my life until it was well too late. On the other hand, we were both cracking up as he used rocket launchers to blow up a rabid bear, and then sent all his rocket launchers to blow up teenagers on rollerblades, because that's comedy gold right there.

Missed clubbing last night, sadly, but sounds like everyone had a blast.

Tonight, hanging out with cool people. Tomorrow, hanging out with a cool toddler.

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"Bush ignored public sentiment, overruled his military commanders and opted for escalation. And now it appears that the only thing the surge has bought him is time - nine months or maybe a year, during which he was able to postpone the inevitable."

"To Bush, the tragedy of the Vietnam War is that we didn't let it drag on for another decade or so."

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Good work guys: "The Chinese government says it is drafting new laws to tackle the growing gender imbalance caused by the widespread abortion of female foetuses."

'Debating the future of Afghan Buddhas'