August 20th, 2007


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"Many administrations have sought to maximize their control of the machinery of government for political gain, dispatching Cabinet secretaries bearing government largess to battleground states in the days before elections. The Clinton White House routinely rewarded big donors with stays in the Lincoln Bedroom and private coffees with senior federal officials, and held some political briefings for top Cabinet officials during the 1996 election.

"But Rove, who announced last week that he is resigning from the White House at the end of August, pursued the goal far more systematically than his predecessors, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Washington Post, enlisting political appointees at every level of government in a permanent campaign that was an integral part of his strategy to establish Republican electoral dominance."


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"The American Psychological Association ruled Sunday that psychologists can no longer be associated with several interrogation techniques that have been used against terrorism detainees at U.S. facilities because the methods are immoral, psychologically damaging and counterproductive in eliciting useful information."

"A growing number of legislators, diplomats and analysts, including at least one Democratic presidential candidate, have taken to citing the Bosnia model as they consider what to do if Shiite, Sunni Arab and Kurd cannot muddle their way to a stable shared state."

Good read: has the War on Drugs defeated the War on Terror? (Courtesy rshackleford.)

Does Gonzales's future hold charges for perjury?

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"We're obsessed with plane crashes and bridge collapses, yet we pay little attention to the stuff that kills the rest of us."

Using physics to explain economics.

In memoriam: "How Tony Wilson changed the face of pop culture."