August 12th, 2007

Rock Star


Last night's slumber party was pretty fantastic. Many 80's movies were watched, stayed up 'till all hours with friends I haven't hung out with in too long and new friends who are rather keen. Good times. (Despite one impressive interruption, heh.) Thanks again to our hosts for the fancy spread.

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"The episode was the culmination of a shameful era in which serious issues related to national security and civil liberties were debated in a climate of fear and intimidation, saturated by political calculation and the quest for short-term electoral advantage."

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life has your country taken over by a foreign invader and split into a civil war, make murals on the security barriers.

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Alan Tudyk on nude scenes in his new movie.

Television legend Merv Griffin, creator of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, passed away.

Factory Records founder and musical force Tony Wilson passed away. I wasn't really aware of the breadth of his contributions until I saw the movie 24 Hour Party People, which definitely piqued my attention and drew me to read more. The BBC also discusses some of the tributes to his life and career. (Bonus: BBC gallery.)