August 5th, 2007


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Good times: Joel Achenbach on Bill O'Reilly talking to Senator Dodd about the Daily Kos convention. (Courtesy marag.)

Clinton defends taking money from lobbyists in YearlyKos 'netroots' debate. (Also, I'd really like to hear more from Richardson, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards.) More from BAGnewsNotes here.

Chris Cillizza on last night's Republican debate.

"When people fret about whether Rudy can fire up the Republican faithful, I think they are overlooking his ability to articulate the scorn for liberalism that most conservatives feel."

* Afghanistan to once again bring in a record-breaking poppy harvest. See, rebuilding does work! Wait.
* Poll shows Republicans in Iowa not thrilled with their presidential choices.
* Prostitution is a growth industry in China.
* Inspectors call area bridges safe.
* Scientists breed schizophrenic mice.
* Grrr. Metro might replace late-night trains with buses, to cut costs.