July 27th, 2007


work shenanigans

As noted previously, my cool co-worker got shipped out to another department at the start of the month. The move is a good one for him; the new location is like five minutes from his house. The downside, for me, is that they are moving the jerky co-worker onto my shift. (Longtime readers will remember that I accidentally stole the jerky co-worker's choice of shifts when I arrived here.) And admittedly, jerky co-worker has been less actively jerky to me as of recent, but still isn't a barrel of fun. So I'm not particularly a big fan of this sea change.

In other news, work is a nightmare today. I've been on the phone for the past two hours, straight.

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"Mueller for the first time publicly confirmed he dispatched - as Comey testified - an FBI security detail to Ashcroft's hospital room to ensure that Comey was not removed from the room when Gonzales was there."

* The administration again bends its own rules to broker a nuclear deal with India.
* How to rein in the Roberts court.
* "Several recent administration positions on social policy contradict the compassion vision Bush articulated in 1999."
* Petition urges Republicans not to ignore the internet.
* The Examiner on what to do if you're kidnapped by terrorists.
* Disney to cut back on smoking in its movies.
* Details on the Futurama direct-to-DVD releases.