July 23rd, 2007

Space Jerk

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Bebe is home sick today. Little fever, congested, coughing. She's had this a couple days. Coincidentally, the girls aren't coming over today, and M. has an appointment, so not much time for me online today.

Clubbing on Friday was good times. Was up way too late, even though we Metro'ed down to the Black Cat and all. But there was a good horde of people there, some in gigantic sparkly shoes and all. Fun was had. The crowd was a little more yuppie than I remember, but it's been years since I was down in those parts. On the way home, M. was chatting up strangers on the Metro, which was entertaining. She always manages to run into the cool people to talk to, whereas I am just occasionally approached by crazy people, like the lady who was trying to tell me that Trans Ams have atomic engines.

Yesterday was pretty low key. As noted, bebe was ill, so we mostly hung around the house convalescing. Didn't get the reading that I wanted to do yesterday done, and today's looking unlikely as well. Murr. Might have to write this weekend off as less than productive early.

More later, or so.

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New trailers:
* The Spiderwick Chronicles - Fantasy movie based on a series of kids books. Looks vaguely interesting. Geeks really do rule Hollywood now. Added bonus: David Strathairn.
* The Golden Compass - Fantasy movie based on a series of kids books #2. Looks slightly more adult, and with much better cinematography. Added bonus: Ian McShane.
* The Dark is Rising - Fantasy movie based on a series of kids books #3. Yes, seriously. Hollywood, we need to talk. I can barely keep them separate, and I actively try to pay attention to these things. Added bonus: Ian McShane wait, did him already, so we will go with Christopher Eccleston.
* The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep - A kids movie about the Loch Ness Monster! That looks like it was made for the Hallmark Channel. If that sounds like your thing, hey, knock yourself out.
* Fred Claus - The trailer didn't look terrible, despite being a Christmas-themed comedy. Casting Paul Giamatti as Santa was a great idea. Still, doubtful.