July 6th, 2007


update me!

Today will be the end of the Virginia trip, and I haven't checked any sort of new for the past three days or so. (Someone mentioned they evacuated the Mall on the 4th for a tornado warning, which is crazy.) As a result, I am well out of touch. Please leave comments with all the interesting news since Tuesday, so I can catch up when I have the time. Thanks, and updates with notes from the vacation to follow!

(no subject)

We are home. We are safe and sound. A good time was had by all. Details to follow, eventually.

I have about three posts saved up to make, and a whole lotta LJ posts to get through. So, don't expect anything coherent from me anytime soon. Do expect me commenting on posts from a few days back.

If there's anything crucial, drop me an e-mail or a link here, and I'll get to it sooner rather than later.