July 1st, 2007


comic books dump

Chris Sims with fifty reasons he loves comic books. (#30 for the win.)

Diamondrock explains why he loves the Flash. (Faintly spoilery for recent big events.)

Iron Man speaks in his own defense.

"In fact, the cornball amalgamation of Norse legend, swashbuckling adventure, Shakespearean dialect, chivalrous morality, and hi-tech Mardi Gras headgear is precisely why I enjoy the Thunder God's tales."
Rock Star

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Operation: Hang Out With People turned out to be a great success. More people came over than I expected, people ate chow, people caught up, good times were had. Much love. (Admittedly, the game of RoboRally ran a little longer than I wanted, but I think everyone had fun.) Will have to make a list of people to catch up with after our trip.

Tomorrow, packing. Tuesday through Friday, family-ing in the wrong part of Virginia. Saturday, already double-(or triple-)booked with parties. Next week: who knows.