May 7th, 2007


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Today's Zoe Discovery: Invisible cats

Apparently, our house in infested with invisible cats. She saw one walking on the metal strip between the carpet and the tile in the kitchen, when I left the room. Later, she saw at least five more. (Apparently, she dreamed about them last night as well.) There was Frazn, Tom, Jerry, Fred, Gazzo, and a couple more whose name I don't recall. They went with her in the car on the way to school.

Today's Zoe-Coordination Comedy: Dish-o-rama

She was relatively indecisive about her breakfast. The green banana we tried... didn't work out. Then the waffle wasn't to her pleasing (and she wasn't feeling grand, so I let her be fussy.) So we finished up with the classic, Cheerios. Then I was being scatterbrained while I was putting together her lunch, so ended up using a separate small plate for everything I was assembling or cutting, and getting out a new one for the next item. Meaning I ended up using a large handful of dishes and utensils, just for her breakfast and lunch.

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"I have to congratulate you, Madam, I think you are the first woman to swim in public in all Saudi Arabia."

How liberal law professors spent twenty years changing the American perspective of the Second Amendment.

BAGnewsNotes on the forgetful Dr. Rice.

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"The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have become an unprecedented field study in human relationships with intelligent machines."

"Can a killing ever be so cunning as to be undetectable?"

Lost fans, zanramon has the (not spoilery) scheduling bombshell.