May 6th, 2007


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M. and I took zhe munchkin with us to watch Spider-Man 3 at Snowden Sunday afternoon. It's a perfectly respectable summer action superhero movie. It does fall short of the first two in the series, tragically, but is still fun entertainment. My biggest complaint was the pacing, very uneven, and the movie feels too long in some spots (and then, the next scene, back to me wanting more and more.) There was a *lot* going on, and threads from various storylines seemed to hang in the balance while we went off on a different tangent. Still, quite enjoyable. The verdict? Worth your time, if you're into superhero movies.

Casting: Sandman (always a personal fave from Spidey's rogue's gallery) was spot on, and fun to watch. Almost as good casting as Doc Ock from #2. Topher Grace was a fantastic Eddie Brock. Bryce Dallas Howard really didn't do anything for me as Gwen. Tragically, not enough J. Jonah Jameson, but then again, I would totally go watch a J. Jonah Jameson movie. That's how I, in fact, roll.

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