May 4th, 2007


that's (nerd) entertainment

A pic of the Iron Man armor from the upcoming movie. Can't complain! (Courtesy joechummer.)

James Cameron talks about developing his new scifi epic, Avatar. (Not the movie based on the cartoon, the other one.)

Check out this gallery of past roles for the cast of Heroes. (And a repost of the gallery of past roles for the cast of Lost, because it still cracks me up.)

Also: I'm now bitter that I'm not hitting the 930 Club tonight. DJ Driis is the celebrity guest, better known as Idris Elba, from Ultraviolet and that show The Wire that I keep meaning to watch.

Further proof that there is no God: World of Warcraft Visa card. (Courtesy warmaster.)

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BBC coverage of the Republican presidential debate from last night. (Love their comments on evolution.) Time grades their performances too. Howard Kurtz has the media roundup. Bonus: LiveOnline transcript with Chris Cillizza.

multiplexer has a wrapup of all the presidential candidates so far, and a good discussion to boot.

Good read: "The multilateral world is disorganized on several levels."

E.J. Dionne Jr. on how Democrats could help the poor.

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Don't forget! Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Hit up your local store and check it out. (NYTimes article here.)