April 23rd, 2007


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Fascinating: "The gap between Mr. Sadr’s public oratory and his actions shows that he, as much as any American or Iraqi official, is captive to the fact that there is no easy path to securing Iraq's future. He does have a starkly plain vision - a centralized Islamist Iraq ruled by nationalist Shiites who are distanced from, if not openly hostile to, the United States. But he also has a problem all too familiar to the Bush administration: he does not know exactly how to realize his vision, given the complexities of the conflict."

"Journalism is about searching for answers. But what happens when there are no answers? When tragedy erupts, reporters strive to put together the pieces. But what if the puzzle doesn't quite fit, and there's no one to blame but a single, twisted lunatic?"

Huh. NYTimes graphic (big) illustrating daily gun deaths in America.

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Oregon governor to live on food stamps for a week. Personally, I think all our elected officials should do this. For one month. Each year. (Courtesy alainnduil.)