April 8th, 2007



The Forgotten War on Drugs
"Nearly four decades after the United States declared a war on drugs, juvenile drug abuse is on the decline, but illegal narcotics remain cheap and plentiful. In a five-part series, NPR examines the progress of U.S. anti-drug policy so far, and where experts say it should focus next."

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Going into it, I had been warned that Happy Feet was... weird. And it was. It was good, too, and chock full of liberal message goodness. Great for the munchkins, too, although a lot of the message will be lost on them until later in life. But *wow*, so much weirder than expected.

(If you do watch it, though, check the DVD extras for the Savion Glover tapdancing lesson. It's a treat. He's like the Bruce Lee of tapdancing.)