April 7th, 2007


Drug of the Nation

Caught the first episode of This American Life on OnDemand this week, and, man, good stuff. I was concerned that it would just sound like an episode of the radio shows, but with pictures attached. And while the stories remain good, I was also pretty impressed with their use of the visuals. So, thanks to OnDemand, I will certainly be watching this. (Fun fact: I rewatched the first episode with M., and there's one part that brought tears to my eyes, even the second time through.)

I shouldn't be entirely surprised that TAL is good, though, as Showtime also produces one of the better documentary series out there: Penn & Teller's Bullshit. I have gone on before about how their episode on recycling was a real life-changer. Another great one from last season was their coverage of the death penalty. And we've just started the new season, and if you get the chance, check out the episode on... Wal-Mart. Quality stuff.