April 5th, 2007



Excellent read: "In many ways, Gold's tale of disillusionment is a familiar one. There are plenty of veterans of Reagan and Bush 41 around town who believe Bush and Cheney trashed the institutions and party they helped build from the wreckage of the Goldwater campaign. But there aren't many who have been on a first-name basis with those they believe are doing the trashing. There aren't many like Vic Gold."

And what does our president do when those checks and balances get in the way of him getting his way? Recess appointments!

What the Democrats can learn from Grand Theft Auto.

"Today, a small group of dermatologists and neuroscientists are starting to look at the biological mechanisms that lie behind itching. As they do so, they are finding curious overlaps between itching and that different-seeming sensation, pain. Though sometimes pain is itching's opposite, the latest findings are showing more and more similarities between the two."

The secret language of cravings: why people eat weird things.

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Kerry's comments about the newest recess appointments are pretty pithy. More on the appointments from Joel Havemann and Jennifer Loven.

The White House posts earmarks to the web.

The NRA and the ACLU have teamed up in Texas.

"The size, scope and speed of the 2008 race are transforming the process of picking the president in discouraging ways."

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"It took more than two months for the Russian authorities to grant us permission to travel to the secretive Siberian city of Norilsk."

"He's working on ways to track how the human brain processes religion and spirituality. It's all part of new field called neurotheology."