March 21st, 2007


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"It is hard to imagine what, besides evading responsibility, the White House had in mind. Why would anyone refuse to take an oath on a matter like this, unless he were not fully committed to telling the truth? And why would Congress accept that idea, especially in an investigation that has already been marked by repeated false and misleading statements from administration officials?"

"Testimony should be on the record and under oath. That's the formula for true accountability." -Sen. Leahy

"...There's really no longer any excuse for letting President Bush get away with carefully parsed denials, hairsplitting and non-answers."

The passive-aggressive use of hard copy.

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Whoah: the hidden past of Grimace.

Boom Studios hits big in comic books without tights or capes.

Sequential Tart interviews Order of the Stick's Rich Burlew.

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1.) I have the best girlfriend ever, because she not only did my laundry (so I wouldn't be rushed tonight) but she also fixed my busted headlight. She's downright handy.

2.) This week may be stressful, but my next weekend, I get the one-two punch of dealing with the custody lawyer and then the MVA.

3.) I've decided not to be intimidated by Collapse )