March 20th, 2007


Tuesday = Newsday

"...This botched war is far more likely to lead to what might properly be called the Post-Bush Awakening. It is an awakening to the danger of viewing critics as traitors, to the costs of making everything about politics and to the sad tendency of establishmentarians to seek refuge within the boundaries of prevailing opinion. It is also an awakening to the wise skepticism of everyday Americans toward ideologues who believe that optional wars of their design can miraculously change the world."

Congress dances around the question of what defines an "earmark". Yeesh. Guys, if you have to ask... (And speaking of earmarks, check this out.)

"The idea is to apply to journalism the same open-source model of Web-enabled collaboration that produced the operating system Linux, the Web browser Mozilla and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia."

Scientist testifies against the politicization of science.

"John Thayer has spent 22 years of his life poking his way through the five miles of scorching, wet, dark tunnels that snake their way under the Capitol, Union Station, the Supreme Court and more than 20 congressional buildings."

The market for massively multiplayer online games tops one billion.

[EDIT: more links added in comments, most recently at 2:31 PM.]

Is he serious?

Sure, sure, Bush wants to fully cooperate, since he's sure there's no evidence of wrongdoing.

He just wants the testimony to, you know, not be under oath. And in private. And with no notes released.

But there's no wrongdoing, of course!