March 2nd, 2007

Adult Swim terrorist

casting aspersions

Your opinion on the musical Grease?

I am a straight male human, and I like the musical Grease.
I am a human male, and either I am not heterosexual, or I do not like the musical Grease.
I am a girl/robot/Skrull/other, but I still like clicking buttons in polls. Clicky clicky.

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"A bipartisan proposal targeting White House rules on the release of presidential papers would claw back power over public records from the executive branch."

Wait, what? Examining the North Korea intelligence question. (More here.)

So, why aren't all the conservative blogs praising the Post and the mainstream media for bringing to light all the problems at Walter Reed?

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The AP discusses its Paris Hilton news blackout. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

Today's Headline: Swiss accidentally invade Liechtenstein (Also courtesy mscongeniality.)