February 26th, 2007


on borrowed time and borrowing a machine

After an outage this morning, my wireless never came up. Called Comcast (twice), tested with them, they're sending a tech out tomorrow. Now, mind you, they haven't even fixed the pre-existing condition (which I believe to be a poor line strength issue, would explain why it hits my wireless-connected machine before it hits M.'s directly-connected machine.) Freakin' Comcast.

I'm seriously pondering whether or not Verizon internet could really be any worse. Anyone have any firsthand experience?

So, yeah, little to no internet today, and little to no internet tomorrow morning. Maybe internet tomorrow evening, but then it's the time of bebe, so, yeah.

More me... eventually.

BONUS BEBE STORY: Her new habit while we drive is spelling out any sign she can read. So, we're passing the Chevy Chase bank on the way to school this morning, and halfway through her spelling something out, traffic starts moving again. She said "C-H-E-V-" and then we move, and she makes some babbling noise (D. and C., very much like the one Christina is famous for.) I snicker and ask what that was. She replies, and I am not making this up, "I downloaded it."