February 15th, 2007


my ears are still tingly.

The walk to work was downright treacherous this morning. Sidewalks just a couple blocks from the Metro station were more or less uncleared, so the wind and any refreezing over made them into slippery sheets of glass. Other sidewalks were clearly used yesterday, but again, refroze overnight, so they were slippery and bumpy. Gah. The one overpass I have to walk down took like ten minutes by itself. Didn't actually fall, but man, walking slow makes the trip really long, and that's no fun in the cold.

In better news, happy birthday imamsawez!

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Delusional! "The US invasion plan for Iraq envisaged that only 5,000 US troops would remain in Iraq by December 2006, declassified Central Command documents show."

Catch up on the hot news topics with Dan Froomkin, covering Bush, Iran, Libby, and much more.

Lawrence Wright on underestimating al-Qaeda.

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Today in scary technology: how to secretly encode data in pictures.

Screenwriter John August (Go, Big Fish) on what he learned from World Of Warcraft. (Courtesy robin_d_laws.)