February 5th, 2007


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* Uh. 'New rules will allow the collection of DNA from most people arrested or detained by federal authorities.'
* Michael Yon on a real martyr in Iraq. (Warning: graphic.)
* Bush's budget pays for its defense dollars with domestic cuts. (Bonus: today's Tom Toles.)
* "When immigrants compete for jobs here, it is black workers who are most vulnerable."
* Virginia struggles over the 'living wage'.
* NBC makes changes in the head office.
* Ennio Morricone at the UN.

"Every now and then, it seems reasonable to stop and wonder, 'Where have all the sitcoms gone?' Then one network or another will introduce a new one, it will fall to earth with a sad 'splat,' and you are reminded that perhaps the only thing worse than a bad sitcom is a bad reality show. It's a race too close to call."
-Tom Shales