January 12th, 2007


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Oh, I see how it is. So, I got one of the new machines here at work (as there was a machine shortage, in fact.) New machine is very nice, if not sadly only single-monitored, as opposed to the double-monitored machines other people get. Fine, I can deal. However, there's something on the new machine that is preventing me from using Firefox. People, I'm sorry, but I can't live without tabbed browsing anymore. Seriously.

(Yes, I know the new IE has tabbed browsing. No, we aren't using the new IE.)

Got here late, again. Only to find I'm more or less flying solo today. And no, I don't know how to do everything here yet. Long day ahead.

[UPDATE: OK, more people will be here in a couple hours.]
[[UPDATE #2: The sky is, in fact, a hazy shade of winter. 9:18 am]

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"Within minutes of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's arrival on Capitol Hill yesterday, it became apparent that the Bush administration had, after four divisive years, finally succeeded in uniting Congress on the war in Iraq. Unfortunately for Rice, the lawmakers were unified in opposition to President Bush's new policy."

"The Pentagon has abandoned its limit on the time a citizen-soldier can be required to serve on active duty."

Wow. John Dickerson tears up Maliki and Bush. Great read.

Twenty-five years ago today, Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge, minutes after taking off from National. 78 people were killed, including 4 motorists on the bridge.

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A groundhog's commute.

It's the box office that driving Hollywood's year of part threes.

Illuminatus author Robert Anton Wilson passed away.