January 4th, 2007


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"Let me get this straight. After six years of a Republican Congress earmarking truckloads of pork for home districts, much of it for Bridge-to-Nowhere projects, Bush has suddenly decided - the day before the Democrats take control - that earmarking is an outrage? How convenient."
-The dramatic return of Howard Kurtz

"If the vox populi and the cognoscenti agree that throwing more American bodies at the problem will only result in more American deaths, then how is the apparent Bush plan anything short of a betrayal of the troops and an expression of contempt for the will of the people?"
-The dramatic return of Dan Froomkin

* Keith Olbermann isn't happy about any talk of a surge.
* Bonus Kurtz: on Ford and the press.
* Bonus Froomkin: LiveOnline transcript. "And there's an idea: Maybe Congress should offer to give up earmarks - if Bush gives up signing statements!"
* Dana Milbank on Bush's relationship with the press.
* Dick Polman takes on Bush's WSJ column.
* Is Negroponte planning to move from intelligence director to the State Department?
* The passing of Ford's Republican party.
* Feh. Pelosi turns down request to improve filming of the House.
* The split in the Episcopal church has been building for a while.