December 29th, 2006



Showed up for gaming last night. First watched warmaster take on Mr. Conte Hordes. Tough game. In the end, even the supertough Trolls couldn't stand up to the Legion beasties. Though it was funny watching one of the Shredders chewing on one of one of his other Shredders for, oh, most of the game.

Afterwards, Mr. Conte was encouraging me to join them in their big Warmachine/Hordes GenCon plan. Dunno if I will be able to afford the con, at this point, but if I can, will be tempting. Will want to make sure I have enough time for other con events, though. Never hit GenCon, and doubt it'd be a regular thing, so wouldn't want to overbook myself.

Also discussed how I like about half of the current models for the Circle Orboros, and half the models for the Everblight Legion. warmaster believes I could still do a decent army of either, even with the subset of models I like. It's a bit of a moot point, though, as current budget projections mean I'll have the money for a new army come, oh, 2009. Which is fine. The Hordes fall to my Cygnar just as well.

After that, I took on warmaster in Rezolution. Now, we were going for a quick game, but this would have been more of a fight if he could roll high to save his life, and if I wasn't hot on the dice. Seriously, he'd roll a couple ones and twos, and I'd be rolling fives and sixes, turn after turn. Nonetheless, even rolling like we were he showed me that the Dravani are scary, and once they get in close, there's trouble to be had.

Still loving the game. It's cyberpunkalicious, with two gun mojo. Actually working towards becoming an official demo guy for it, which is just crazy talk.

Tonight, City of Villains. Sunday, Heroclix charity event. New world order, baby.