December 27th, 2006



All day yesterday, I felt ill. Not really ill, just sort of a low-level malaise, like I was fighting off something making me a little queasy, maybe running a small fever. Started feeling better late last night, which I attribute to risking some tasty cookies.

But last night, wow, worst night of sleeping ever. I don't think I slept for more than 30 minutes at a stretch, and felt just generally out of sorts and unhappy. My sleep schedule was off all weekend (even given my usual chaotic schedule) and despite my best attempts I think I'm still adjusting to the ten-hour days.

And definitely still feeling it. The whole Metro ride in, the whole walk over. Certainly going to try and leave work ten minutes early so I can try and catch the commuter bus that will ferry me up to the Metro station. Might take more time than walking (thanks to Georgetown traffic) but will be worth it, if I'm still feeling like this.

Tonight, I will go home, pack for tomorrow, shower, spend time with the little woman, and hopefully pass the hell out.

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On this day in 1831, the second voyage of HMS Beagle began.

* China issues warning about global warming.
* Gerald Ford passed away. David S. Broder provides an analysis of his legacy. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)
* What ceasefire? Israel approves new settlement in the West Bank, and will resume strikes against Gaza.
* Why were there no terrorist attacks against the West this year?
* Putting a price tag on courtrooms for Guantanamo.
* Polar bears threatened by global warming.
* The world's first double hand transplant a success.
* Chess player caught cheating.

Thanks, Disney: the problem with princesses.