December 22nd, 2006


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So, yes.

Ended up clubbing last night to celebrate leesalogic's birthday. Good times! Chronos is pretty decent. The dance floor isn't overly large, but it's got a nice atmosphere. Stayed sober, as the sleep deprivation didn't need any help from alcohol. OK, one drink bought by a cool d00d, but that's it.

Oh, and that Voltaire guy was playing, but, whatev. Gave us a chance to chat with friends. A couple of his songs are amusing, but a whole concert? It's like filking.

Was glad we made it out to see the Virginia crew, has been too long.

ATTENTION FELLOW CLUBBERS: what the heck is the name of the awesome "bang bang" song? I always dig it, and I always forget to track that down.

Snuck in three-ish hours of sleep. For those playing along at home, that's nine hours in three days. Cruising along.

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* Key players in Iraq: NPR series on the Iraqis shaping their country's future.
* Ellison speaks out about Goode's Islamophobia. Meanwhile, Goode stands by his remarks.
* And the fastest-growing state is...
* Weird. Police claim a bullet in teen's head is evidence of a crime. But is that unreasonable search and seizure?
* Ex-cop markets video on how to hide drugs.
* Stephen Colbert explains why Stephen Colbert is awesome.
* Pixar decides Disney's new Tinker Bell movie isn't, well, good enough. (As the parent of a young girl, I'm worried about this new Disney Faeries brand.)

Bingo! Researchers film and catch giant squid.


So, chatting with a co-worker about City of Heroes/Villains/Whatevers, and I mentioned I might accidentally end up with some unexpected time to play in the winter event. I noted that of course I would have to run through the holiday mission a few times to get all the badges for my badge hunter. And he noted he was doing the same thing for his *villain* badge hunter tonight. And then it dawned on me: sure, I've got a hero alt going for all the badges (level 22, almost 100 so far.) But I entirely forgot that I should have a villain badge hunter also! And if I am going to do as such, then by gum, I better get crackin' before this winter event is over!

So, need another villain pronto. I already have an electric/electric brute, and a thug/dark mastermind. I wanna stick with the stuff that's primarily only in CoV, for the most part. Maybe a stalker? Maybe something with force fields energy aura? Anyone done this? Anyone have other villain suggestions?