December 9th, 2006


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Dinner cruise last night: fun! I didn't even fall in the water and drown. All the food was very tasty. We were certainly on the low-end of the ages there. I stopped feeling vaguely dizzy around the time they served dessert, which was just in time for the terrible music to start (I think they polled a bunch of wedding DJs, and picked the least common denominators.) But it was fun getting dressed up and hanging out with M.'s family. M. was, as per usual, the best-dressed there. The Kennedy Center is very pretty all lit up at night, and the new Air Force memorial also looks cool at night.

Oh, and with the new job, my schedule has settled down to be Wed-Sat, 7am-5pm. Not ideal, but manageable. Driving here and home every Saturday is going to be a chore, however.

Tonight: no idea.

Tomorrow: kiddie holiday party in VA.

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* Aw, yeah. The word of the year is 'truthiness.'
* Abu Aardvark covers the ISG report.
* National Review on dealing with America's enemies.
* More Warren Jeffs news: "The chief law enforcer in two Utah-Arizona border towns is accused of misconduct after writing a letter pledging love and allegiance to the leader of a polygamous sect."
* After 8 years in exile, China un-bans door-to-door sales.
* Turns out Polonium 210 is pretty easy to track down.
* How about Christian-based comic books aimed at black teenagers?
* A California necropolis.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.