December 8th, 2006


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Things that are awesome, part one:
Courtesy uu_mom: a lesson in breaking down that wall between church and state. Jerry Falwell and cohorts lean on a school district to be able to distribute church materials. They're not as happy now that 'a pagan flier' is being sent around.

Things that are awesome, part two:
What's worse than putting out a giant bomb of a movie like Sahara and losing a lot of cash? How about, on top of that, being sued by the original author?

Something that isn't that awesome:
Firefly, the MMORPG

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"They start from completely different places... Baker approaches everything with a negotiator's mindset. That doesn't mean every negotiation leads to a deal, but you engage your adversaries and use your leverage to change their behavior. This administration has never had a negotiator's mind-set. It divides the world into friends and foes, and the foes are incorrigible and not redeemable. There has been more of an instinct toward regime change than to changing regime behavior."

The imams vs. the airline.

The Litvinenko affair, and why Russians have good reason to be paranoid.

Rejoicing over the return of White House leaks.

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The world of espionage remains years behind the information age.

Cat and Girl present Strummer's Law.