November 29th, 2006


reaction to my recent phone call

Why, no, no one called yesterday to tell me my car won't be ready today. Tomorrow morning? Well, that's dandy, but that's not what I was told on Monday, and that *really really* doesn't work for me, as it turns out.

In other news, I think I'm going to Hulk out and wreck up the joint.

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"As someone who has long pushed for the audio broadcast (if not live video coverage) of every oral argument [at the Supreme Court,] I'm about to sound way ungrateful. But the court's policy of allowing the public to listen in on some oral arguments and not others is a huge mistake for about a million reasons. It's the modern-day equivalent of the feudal lord opening up the castle to his serfs for one drunken night at Christmas: It's condescending, it's irrational, and it reinforces the worst stereotypes about a secretive, elitist high court."

Five fatal mistakes of Bush's Mideast policy.

Here's a sentence to grab your attention: "Which is why the parallels to Vietnam are way too optimistic."

Update: the peace wreath can stay.

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Fan backlash to New Line's announcement about the movie version of The Hobbit shows that there's a new player in Hollywood: the public.

More blogging the Bible, today with sarcasm!

Comic book comedy: fashion by Jack Kirby.