November 27th, 2006


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* What we can expect, long after we withdraw from Iraq.
* The one thing both sides in the Iraq civil war can agree on: it's the Americans' fault.
* What the descent of Lebanon means for the rest of the Middle East.
* Ugh. Burma throws out the Red Cross.
* Watching for early signs of environmental problems, along the Appalachian Trail.
* A Cold War bunker finds new life in Germany.
* Daytime soaps get their first transgendered character.
* China to open a martial arts academy at the site of Bruce Lee's ancestral home.
* Clint Eastwood's other Iwo Jima movie, this one told from the side of the Japanese.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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this, that

Rental car: Dodge Caliber. Blue. Decent car, not a great amount of peripheral vision through the back windows. Will get the job done. The guy gave me a day off the rental (started counting when they closed today at six) which is nice, and lets me forgive them for forgetting to come get me, and forgetting I called this morning for a car. (They were goofy busy, it seems.)

My car: theoretically, done by Wednesday. Time will tell.

Bebe: happy to see us. Brimming with tales from her trip to NYC with her mother.

Unrelated: On a second (well, a partial second) viewing, I liked that Narnia movie more than I remembered liking it the first time. Still problematic, and still feels way too long. But the war scene is still groovy.

Also unrelated: Bloodrayne was every bit as bad as everyone said. And probably a little more on top of that. (M. and I, being housebound all weekend, went crazy with the On Demand. She also watched all of Angels in America in a single day.)