November 26th, 2006


road to recovery

Slept through a large portion of yesterday. Was planning to let the disease run its course, but ended up taking Immodium yesterday evening, and yeah, a fine idea. I'm still sick, I can feel it, but I'm now functional, in that I can get up and wander around and do things, and even slept through the night last night (before that I couldn't sleep for more than a couple hours straight.) So, I think I'm almost there.

Unrelated: Neil Gaiman provides an update on the Stardust movie.

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"The masters of the plastic universe are baffled. From their imaginations, their computers, from their calloused fingers, magnificent kingdoms have sprung. They can re-create the Seven Wonders of the World in a literal snap. But now they huddle in their model shop of Legoland California and contemplate the seemingly impossible: How in the rectangular heck do you give a Lego bride a Lego bosom?"

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Excellent article about how Americans worry ourselves about remote possibilities (like avian flu) and do nothing about obvious and real threats (like heart disease.)

* Inside the Iraq Study Group.
* What options will the new Defense Secretary have?
* Once again, the Justice Dept. and the administration are wrangling over a terrorism investigation.
* Despite the relatively quiet elections, electronic voting remains problematic.
* Older music listeners claim more of the music industry's market share.

Inside the 'maid cafe': Japan's nerds make up a major marketing force.