November 25th, 2006



I've caught the stomach flu from the Dowling household, which is pretty ironic considering that they probably caught it from Zoe when they stopped by over the weekend.

What really sucks is that there's no way I will be in any shape to game tomorrow. Currently I'm having problems making it all the way through a movie. This is totally unacceptable.

(And special thanks to M. for all her hard work helping paint my figs, which now I won't be using... Meh.)

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Wait, this guy was the threat to America that we needed to invade to stop?

* Analysis: so, when is it a civil war?
* Mass graves located in the Congo.
* Did Berlusconi try to rig the Italian elections?
* Kevin Smith teaches a filmmaking class, with a twist.
* Does Michael Richards also hate women and Jews?
* South African police are hunting "the Houdini of C-Max."
* Restaurant gets flak for having waitresses dressed as sexy nurses.

DC Comics targets teenage girls.