November 23rd, 2006


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Oh, Dinosaur Comics, why must you be so awesome.

Bonues: Joss Whedon on Buffy: Season 8, the Wonder Woman movie, and more.

The drive down to Brandywine was... eventful. Obviously, huge amounts of traffic, and that cold November rain. Plus, the car's temperature gauge was going off. Stopped to replace the ultra-low coolant/anti-freeze (which I've been putting off fixing for a while, yeah.) Problem solved. And we finally got past traffic when we, uh, got to the Beltway. Yeah, weird, but there it is.

Tasty chow last night, including creative pumpkin pie. I came in last in Scrabble, and took the bebe-thig up to bed. Sat down to read while she fell asleep, and as predicted, passed right out.

Oh, and the aforementioned bebe-thing decided it was time to get up at 7:30. And the cat is now my new best friend, since I fed him.

What, you want news, too?

* Canadian PM Declares Quebec a Nation
* A Free-for-All on Science and Religion
* Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy On Life Support

[EDIT: More news links added in comments, most recent at 2:45 PM.]

today's Zoe story

This morning, while wandering around the house, tze bebe explained that she liked to chase rabbits, and when she caught them, she would put them in a hiding place up in the sky next to the stars.

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So, yeah, no club tonight, as we are officially car-less.

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Many thanks to M.'s parents for taking care of the car towing on the far end, and many thanks to my parents for getting us to my family's Thanksgiving and then back to Silver Spring afterwards.

Oh, and my family's Thanksgiving was actually good times. Hectic, but fun.

So, uh, anyone want to come hang out at our place tomorrow night? Heh.