November 22nd, 2006


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Work = dead. No one's here. I'm surprised the cafeteria's open.

After work today, Metro up to Twinbrook, cross the parking lot and pick up zhe bebe. Then down to southern Maryland for Thanksgiving dinner with M.'s family. Crash there, head up to my older sister's tomorrow for Thanksgiving with my family, drop off bebe with A. If it's not too late, head home, get cleaned up, then dancing. Friday, no work, much painting. Possible evening shenanigans. Saturday, stop the Tyranid horde. If you know what I mean. Sunday, um, no idea; no bebe (she'll be out of town with her mother) so my timing is all cattywompus.

And yes, that's four days in a row with no work. Wait, Monday too, so, five. I don't know what to make of it.

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Eric Keroack, Bush's new appointee in charge of family planning programs, doesn't really have a good relationship with science.

Interesting read: a realistic future for interventionism.

Testimony begins in Warren Jeffs's case.

On homeland security and Sikhs' daggers.

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Heh. Someone stole Bush's daughter's purse in Argentina.

"Anyone who thinks that racism in this country is history really ought to watch the video of Kramer going postal."
-Eugene Robinson

The LATimes remembers Robert Altman as "a true original."