November 9th, 2006


catching up

Week: nuts. Getting ready for big housewarming party tomorrow night (Everyone did get the eVite, correct?) Unpacking in full sweep, M. is as always working in overdrive, despite her being sick (again.)

Will be glad when housewarming is done and we can, you know, relax for a bit.

Financial situation is edging closer to dire, again. Has been totally stressing me out, but I'm trying to ignore that in favor of more current, more immediate stresses. Heh. The move has been great for reclaiming lost time, but financially, it's been a real kidney punch.

Have another project I've had in the works for a while, almost ready to unveil it. Almost. After that, my full-time hobby will be painting for the next 40k MegaBattle, and eBaying my stuff.


Here's an excellent piece on why we'll miss Rumsfeld. If nothing else, I will always miss his fighting techniques.

Oh, and thanks to today's comic, Ryan of Dinosaur Comics solves that Wikipedia problem, with Spread the word, people.

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"A federal magistrate judge has ruled that a reproductive-rights group can seek White House e-mails and other documents as part of its lawsuit promoting broader access to the 'morning-after' pill.

Rumsfeld's tragic flaw: hubris.

The true costs of corruption in Iraq.

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NASA debates the future of Cassini, and ponders sending Opportunity into a crater with no way out.

"Heavy smoking appears to cut the chances that an embryo will successfully imbed in the wall of the womb."