November 7th, 2006


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"When gunmen murdered dozens of people in this once peaceful Shiite market city over two days last month, no one stepped in to stop the killing. Not U.S. forces, whose stated purposes in Iraq include preventing all-out civil war. Not the Iraqi security forces, who mostly turned a blind eye to the massacre. Not the people of Balad, who allowed decades of fear and hatred to overwhelm their better instincts."

"American voters today are poised to breach Bush's bubble, exposing him to the real world. In the real world, just because he says something doesn't make it so. In the real world, he can't just demonize people who don't agree with him -- he has to work with them. And in the real world, he is the president of all the people, not just his partisan supporters."
-Dan Froomkin

"The general tone of most commentary I've read and seen has been that Saddam deserved to be found guilty, but that his execution won't much change things; that the entire trial had been handled terribly; and that the timing - in the midst of escalating sectarian warfare in Iraq - could not have been worse."
-Abu Aardvark

"Voters are angry about the loss of American life and treasure, but many of them also worry about whether we are losing something just as precious, and as critical to our security: our sense of commanding moral mission in the world."
-Howard Fineman

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"A neuroscientific look at speaking in tongues."

Write your own punchline: "Prince Charles has said he believes the world has a duty to save the endangered albatross from extinction."

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Yes, yes, you voted, I voted, etc.

My question is, how long did it take? How much time did you sacrifice to democracy?

I got there right around 6:45, actually got to vote a little after 8 pm, and was done by 8:20.

(On the other hand, there was this cute, smart chick in line reading the same book I was.)