October 26th, 2006


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Two from On the Media, one of my favorite shows on NPR:

The Man Who Knew Too Much (MP3)
"In 1965, Vietnamese reporter Pham Xuan An went to work for Time. He was a tireless writer, with an unerring sense for facts amidst the fog of war, and became an invaluable source of information for American readers. Turns out he was simultaneously an invaluable source of information for the North Vietnamese, moonlighting for more than 30 years as a spy."

The Man Time Forgot (MP3)
"The name Henry R. Luce is firmly enshrined in the annals of American publishing. But few remember the legendary Time editor's erstwhile partner, Briton Hadden. And it was Hadden, not Luce, who conceived of the idea not only for Time, but of the 'newsmagazine' itself. Brooke talks to Isaiah Wilner, author of a new biography of the man Luce wiped off the face of history."

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"The latest contracting revelations came in a report issued Tuesday by the office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. The office reviewed records covering $1.3 billion out of the $18.4 billion that Congress voted for Iraq reconstruction two years ago. Reported overhead costs ran from a low of 11 percent for several contracts awarded to Lucent to a high of 55 percent for, you guessed it, the Halliburton subsidiary, KBR Inc."

Analysis: the New Jersey ruling doesn't give gay and lesbian couples actual equality. Andrew Cohen sees a victory.

Richard Engel, the longest-serving American TV reporter in Baghdad.

[ADDED 1:41 PM] An interesting interview with the President, with some... creative answers.

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Meet the prehistoric beast that ruled ancient South America: the terror bird. Ten feet of flightless monster.

Huh. Hollywood never has love scenes with non-white actors.

"If I know anything, I know scary, and giving this president and this out-of-control Congress two more years to screw up our future is downright terrifying."
-Stephen King, MoveOn.org (bonus: scary picture!)