October 24th, 2006

Darkseid is.

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OK, I'm not getting any mails about LJ replies. This just me, or is it everyone?

In other news, the bad news for my friends needs to knock it off right now. Seriously, universe. You're on notice.

Also: I missed a day from work last week due to actually being sick. I come in today, find out that everyone missed yesterday due to some other Asian Death Flu going around. And they're all out today again, mostly. And bear in mind, I have a sick bebe at home too. And M. is still coming down from her last illness over the weekend. These shenanigans are getting out of hand.

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"If the Republicans lose this election, it will be for a simple reason. They have forgotten what conservatism means. You cannot spend and borrow more than any Democratic Congress since FDR and remain a credible conservative. You cannot elevate executive power permanently above individual liberty and remain a credible conservative. You cannot wage a war without the care, resources, and troops needed to win and remain a credible conservative. You cannot wage a religiously-based culture war and remain a limited government conservative. It's not that complicated really."
-Andrew Sullivan

"For all the talk of timetables for Iraq, there has been little discussion of the timetable that must be handed to George W. Bush. The president cannot leave office with American troops still dying in an Iraq that staggers along just short of civil war, on behalf of no concrete objective other than 'get the job done,' which is now Mr. Bush's rhetorical substitute for 'stay the course.'"

"The Iraq war was a mistake. I know, I know. But I've never said it before. And I don't enjoy saying it now."
-Jonah Goldberg, editor, National Review

I've said it before, I've said it again. if you read no other news, check out today's columns by Dan Froomkin and Howard Kurtz. Both are excellent reads today, chock full of too many stories for me to quote and link.

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Ew. As airlines are hemorrhaging money, the planes themselves are getting cleaned less and less often.

New documentary on Sesame Street worldwide.

"The book's thesis can't be overstated: Dubose and Bernstein think Cheney is a threat to the republic on a scale unseen since the Civil War."