October 17th, 2006


lazy day, in more ways than one

Speaking of eVites, M. sent out the one for the housewarming on Friday, November 10th. If you didn't get a copy, lemme know. For those curious as to why so many things are getting planned for Fridays, it's because so many other things were already planned for Saturdays. Busy like bugs, I tell you.

Appears that I'll finally be trying out Rezolution this Thursday at Dream Wizards. Color me eager.

Oh, and my e-mail isn't working at the moment, which makes me sad inside. Expecting a couple key replies too. Feh.

(no subject)

"Here's the clear message the law sends to the world: America makes its own rules. The law would apparently subject terror suspects to some of the same sorts of brutal interrogation tactics that have historically been prosecuted as war crimes when committed against Americans.

"Here's the clear message to the voters: This Congress is willing to rubberstamp pretty much any White House initiative it sees as being in its short-term political interests. (And I don't just mean the Republicans; 12 Senate Democrats and 32 House Democrats voted for the bill as well.)

"Here's the clear message to the Supreme Court: Review me."

-Dan Froomkin