October 2nd, 2006


Busy like a bug.

Man, I thought this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, not a really-busy weekend.

Saturday: Heroclix at Dream Wizards! "Rings of the Mandarin" scenario! I took a comedy team (Deadpool, a teleporting dog, a hairy Canadian midget [no, the other one], and a chimpanzee detective.) So naturally, I ended up in the finals against pseudotheist. Who *cleaned my clock.* But I made him work for it.

Sunday: Kinderfest at Watkins Park with M.'s parents. We left a little late, and the place was *packed.* Parking was atrocious. Lines for everything were long and slow. But bebe got to ride a pony, and do a couple moon-bounce type games. Pics to follow in a later post. (Man, so many pics backlogged.) Good times were had, despite the aforementioned hassles. Got home, Adult Swim'med, bed.

Now: just about to leave and drop off tze bebe at school. Then the post office to set up my shiny new PO box, a little *more* furniture shopping to locate those bookshelves we desperately need, and oh, a full day of laundry I've been neglecting. Much like my shaving. And finishing the new icons. And the book club this evening, as well. Not that I even picked up the book.