September 30th, 2006


six for Saturday

The complete comic book adaptation of the 9/11 commission report is now available online. (Courtesy, uh, thewronghands, I think.)

Great read: the City Paper takes on College Park, from its 'mathletes' and its crime to its (lack of a) nightlife.

Express interview with Mo Rocca, media gadfly.

I Heard It On NPR:

Just how many cluster bombs did Israel drop on Lebanon in the last days of the war?

An interview with NYTimes columnist Frank Rich, nicknamed "the butcher of the Beltway."

Faking a volcano: let's delay global warming by dropping silt into the upper atmosphere.

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Friday, I show up at day care to pick up that bebe of mine. Turns out I get there exactly two minutes after they've gone outside to the playground to play. Bebe asks very nicely if she can stay and play for a while. I tell her she can stay for ten minutes. I go move the car closer and get a couple papers to read while I wait.

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My daughter is running around in a circle flapping her arms, with her mouth wide open. After a few minutes of cracking up, I call her over and ask what she's doing. She explains that she is a squawking bird. Then she gets back to work, running in a circle and flapping her arms, mouth wide open.

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"There was a vast difference between what the White House and the Pentagon knew about the situation in Iraq and what they were saying publicly. But the discrepancy was not surprising. In memos, reports and internal debates, high-level officials of the Bush administration have voiced their concern about the United States' ability to bring peace and stability to Iraq since early in the occupation."
-Bob Woodward (Excellent NYTimes book review here.)

Oh, that new detainee bill? They forgot to mention how it means U.S. citizens can more easily be declared enemy combatants.

"The House of Representatives has passed a bill that undermines enforcement of the First Amendment's separation of church and state."

A terrorist attack, an administration destroying the Constitution, a war on terror... and the fall of Rome. Oh, and pirates.

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A new look at the face on Mars.

How music downloads could make Top 40 more democratic.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.