September 21st, 2006


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Man, brisk out there this morning. Actually had to run the heater on the way in. Hooray for fall! I feel re-energized already, having survived another summer.

Say, anyone know of a good place to pick up some boxes in the Columbia/Laurel/Silver Spring corridor? We almost had enough. Heh.

And moving crew, what kind of beer should I pick up to feed you on Sunday? I'm going to grab some Sam Adams, and, uh, something else. I don't drink enough beer to know these things, it appears.

Much to do tonight. Weekend's right around the corner.

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"President Bush had nothing to say at the United Nations... This was the clearest message of his 25-minute speech before the General Assembly — that he has no plans to change course, no desire to talk with his enemies, no proposals to put on the table, no initiatives of any sort..."

Eugene Robinson: "But we shouldn't have to talk about the practicalities of torture, because the real question is moral: What kind of nation are we? What kind of people are we?"

Keith Olbermann: "The President of the United States owes this country an apology." (Good read.)

Dan Froomkin: "On the dominant issue of our time, the president is in denial. By most reliable accounts, three and a half years into the U.S. occupation, Iraq is in chaos - if not in a state of civil war, then awfully close. But President Bush insists it's not so. You might think that the enormous gulf between Bush's perceptions and reality on such a life-and-death topic would be, well, newsworthy."

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Neat: Ehrlich wants paper ballots for the November election.

How about the 3 million year-old skeleton of a little girl?