August 15th, 2006


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Caught The Night Listener yesterday as a fine way to wait out rush hour traffic. The movie was decent, but felt a little anti-climatic to me. Like they were building to something, and didn't quite get there, and just decided to finish the movie anyways. There was nothing particularly wrong with it; Mr. Williams puts in a good performance, as does the supporting cast. But, yeah. Theme and filming is there, but the substance was lacking.

New trailers:
* Hollywoodland - Based on a true story, a detective investigating the questionable death of George Reeves. Hefty cast, could be good.
* The Black Dahlia - *Also* based on a true story. And oooh, lookin' sharp.
* The Namesake - Indian family drama! Could be decent. And hey, it's Kumar and Mira Nair.
* The Hoax - ALSO based on a true story. Enough with the themes, guys. Anyways. This might be entertaining, but I doubt I could sit through an entire Richard Gere movie at this point in my life.

We also saw a large standee for The Illusionist, which might have potential.

In unrelated news, the animated special Hellboy: Sword of Storms comes to Cartoon Network on October 28th.

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"But our collective shudder is by now practically instinctive. Since Sept. 11, 2001, we have conditioned ourselves to spike every triumph in the struggle against terrorism with a shot of anxiety. Try as we might to secure the perimeter, we walk in the shadow of risk."

Good read: Seymour Hersh gives us the behind-the-scenes look at the administration's involvement in Israel's response to Hezbollah.

Has five years of the war on terror made things worse?

Why haven't we made more headway fighting AIDS at home?

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Diversity spreads nationwide. Er, except West Virginia. Heh.

Bookmark this: presents its full coverage of this fall's movies.

Let's not forget ten things we didn't know this time last week.