August 5th, 2006


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As noted, earlier this week we caught Clerks II. A treat of a film, on one hand it's another of Kevin Smith's movies, with all that brings along, including an excellent script and remarkable shocking situations. On the other, it's a surprisingly mature movie, a look at our generation growing up and, well, settling down. Sort of. Plus it kept me laughing most of the way through. Good stuff.

And yesterday we took tze bebe to a matinee of Monster House. The animation is good, and the casting excellent, but the movie feels too short, actually. I mean, the whole story is there, but it doesn't feel very full. Anyways. And yes, the movie may have actually been too scary for some kids. Not tze bebe, though. She was scared in parts, but she liked it. (She had, in fact, seen it already.)

Trailers, soon.

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"I believe this to be the first time in modern American history that a president's religion, in this case his Christian fundamentalism, has become a decisive factor in his foreign and domestic policies. It's a factor that has been under-reported, to say the least, and that begs for press attention."

The Way We Live Now: ballots and bullets. The collateral damage in the mind. A young reporter faces their first warzone.

Rumsfeld seems stuck in a time loop.

"Is conservatism finished? What might have seemed an absurd question less than two years ago is now one of the most important issues in American politics."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

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What if we drew a congressional district that was designed to be balanced?

"Manufactured commodities are an artistic medium? Branding is a form of personal expression? Indie businesses are a means of dropping out? Turning your lifestyle into a business is rebellious?"

Muslims re-examine the words of the Prophet in the modern world.

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New trailers:
* Fearless - Another historical Jet Li martial arts movie, and it looks de-light-ful. The trailer said it would be his last martial arts movie, I hope they're lying. (I also confess, at the start of the trailer I thought he was playing Wong Fei Hung again. Not that there'd be anything wrong with that.)
* Pathfinder - We were marveling at the movie posters as we came into the theater. Vikings vs. Native Americans! No, really! Plus, the Vikings are portrayed as these monstrous demons. Good times. Added bonus: Clancy "The Kurgan" Brown.
* Crank - Is Jason Statham only allowed to play hitmen now? Huh. Anyways, it's like Speed, except instead of the bus having to keep going so fast, the dude has to keep his heartrate above a certain level. So, uh, yeah. Maybe. But hey, Amy Smart!
* The Covenant - It's like The Craft, except with the hot boys from the WB! Or something.
* Zoom - So, take The Incredibles, mix it with Sky High. Then, to drag things back down, toss in... Tim Allen.
* Night at the Museum - Yep, so done with Ben Stiller. Decent cast otherwise, though. I bet they think this is going to be the big family movie of the holidays.