July 28th, 2006


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Previously, on Comcast: the Musical...

Time spent waiting for Comcast yesterday:
seven+ hours.

Time spent on the phone with Comcast, overall:
over an hour and a half.

Percentage of those phone calls spent on hold:
approximately 85%.

Work completed:
cable modem replaced, wires replaced.

Time spent online before it just broke again:
three-ish hours.

Time this issue was first reported to Comcast:
three weeks ago.

Time until the next dispatch:
*next* Friday.

Best place they transferred my call:
(Her: "Baltimore? Why'd they transfer you *here*? Me: "I really, really wish I knew.")

Oh, and I overslept this morning, so I didn't have time for a shower. And I walked into a bucket of problems here in the office.

The good news is, things *have* to start looking up at this point.

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"I'm much more concerned about the Iraqi speaker objecting to the presence of U.S. troops that is, most likely, preventing utter anarchy in that country. If the duly elected leaders don't want us there, that strengthens the case of those who say we should pick up our marbles and leave rather than sacrificing more Americans in this sectarian violence."
-Howard Kurtz

As the administration refuses to call for a cease fire, Hezbollah gains popularity in the Arab world.

Whoops! Virginia congressman Davis is linked to consultant.

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Aquaman: the TV Show?

So. Why are movies so long these days?